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every Tuesday night in Central, KY!

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We are a casual, bitcoin focused group trying to change the world!

Casual Meetup

We meet regularly for casual discussions on topics like the protocol and software, economics, trading, storage techniques, investing and mining.

Bitcoin Focused

We're a group focused on all things Bitcoin. All experience levels welcome, whether you're new and curious or have been in the scene for years.

Changing the World

We recognize the power that Bitcoin has to change the world. We're each seeking to find our parts in this new world!

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Matrix is our main virtual meeting ground. We have rooms for everything from general Bitcoin talk to mining discussions.

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With over half a million active users, Telegram is an easy way to stay connected. All messages get relayed for our Matrix server.

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Discord is a great home for communites. If you haven't started using Matrix it's a great way to stay connected via our relay.

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Upgrade Your Social Experience!

Join us in the fediverse! Our Pleroma server is relayed across multiple Bitcoin instances allowing you to connect with all of your favorite bitcoiners.


Bitcoin Twitter is where it's at! Follow us to get updates about the meetup and stay connected with everything going on in the Bitcoin space.